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"I'm a Kolokwa Comedian and tell ancient Liberian animal stories as my contribution towards saving the wonderful oral history of Liberia!"

GGG has a very powerful bond to Liberia and is strongly connected to the Republic. Civil war did not only tear him from his homeland but it also separated every family in the whole country. You can read the gripping story of Michael and Benjamin in GGG’s bestselling book “Blood Brothers.“ After GGG reunited with his friends, he quickly realized the need for cultural education. All the funny stories that used to make the kids laugh and learn important values decayed in the aftermath of the war.

He made it his personal goal to get Liberia back on track and to assist plenty of families with his comedy in times of hardship. Many Liberians showed gratitude for GGG’s engagement during the Covid crisis, providing comedy and storytelling on a regular basis, making everyone’s time a little bit easier. Fan quote: "Keep using your comedic talent to bridge gaps, break stereotypes, and bring joy to everyone fortunate enough to experience your performances. Your voice matters, and your impact is immeasurable."

Your positive feedback gave him the drive to continue - now he shares huge ambitions on representing Liberian culture all over the planet during his journeys. The Giant German Gina attributes to your heritage and loves working with all of you!

GGG dedicates a lot of his time and his financial resources to Liberian culture - you can also support his mission by spreading the word, reading his books or becoming a member of GGG’s Patreon Family and enjoy endless unforgettable moments with the best community in the world!

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Help GGG and the "Change Agent Network" end the cycle of poverty through education!

Both, GGG and CAN, teamed up to bundle their efforts to aid Liberia's social infrastructure. If you want young Liberians to grow up in safe and developing country, feel free to donate. Every dollar can make a difference! Visit canintl.org for more information.

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